Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Secret History Of Our Streets - Deptford High Street

Deptford High Street circa 1968

You've read Frank's Wild Years (or not). Well it seems the BBC has decided to get in on the act in its 'Secret History Of Our Streets' tonight, 9pm BBC2 with a low down on Deptford High Street. 

Once known as 'the Oxford Street of south London' (seriously, s'what it says) this is the first in a series on London neighbourhoods and of course, right in the heart of Frank's manor. Deemed a slum by the GLC in the early-1960s, loads of the old stuff was levelled in the name of progress.

Expect references to stoic south London, the V2 that wiped Woolworths off the map in November 1944, maybe reference to St Nicholas Church, and plenty of 'no one likes us' defiance in the face of 'what they call progress' and plenty more besides.

For the full lowdown on the programme, click HERE.

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