Friday, 17 August 2012

Jack's Return Home - Radio 4 Adaptation

Jack's Return Home, March 1970

'I've seen a few corpses over the years, in my line it's inevitable.'

I'll keep this one brief: the new BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Ted Lewis's dark, prescient 1970 novel, Jack's Return Home is to be broadcast later this month, running into September.

Adapted from Lewis's novel by Nick Perry and produced for the BBC by Toby Swift and Sasha Yevtushenko, Jack's Retun Home stars Hugo Speer as Jack Carter, Lewis's hard man anti-hero returning after eight years to the steel town of Scunthorpe - here named for the first time as Carter's hometown - bent on avenging the murder of his brother. It locates Carter back in Jackson Street with the George, the Cecil, the Kardomah, Woolworths and John Collier suits.

'I was into my second pint when who should walk in but Eric bloody Paice.'

Jack's Return Home is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 28th August, 4th September, 11th September and 18th September at 11.00pm.

Lewis's Return Home - a short documentary (it could have been twice as long) about Lewis and his relationship with Scunthorpe, Hull, Northern Lincolnshire and the landscapes he knew growing up in Barton Upon Humber is broadcast on 27th August at 4pm.


  1. Excellent! When are they adapting Frank? :-) xxx

  2. Probably when I've adapted it - film first! :¬) x