Monday, 11 November 2013

"You knew what I'd do, Albert."

By way of an update and a final reminder of this Wednesday's show for the Humber Mouth Festival: the evening with Mike Hodges includes a screening of the film Get Carter, followed by Mike in conversation with yours truly. After which we'll open up the Q&A to the audience.

Mike Hodges is best known as a filmmaker (Get Carter, Pulp, The Terminal Man, and more recently, Black Rainbow, Croupier, and I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead). He has written and directed for BBC Radio (Shooting Stars and Other Heavenly Pursuits, King Trash) and the theatre (Soft Shoe Shuffle).  His first novel, Watching The Wheels Come Off, was published in 2010. [the book was reviewed along with an interview with Mike on Electric Lullaby back in 2011]. He’s recently contributed a short story to Venice Noir.  The theme of all these works is a bleak and blackly humorous take on the world as he sees it.  His lighter contributions to the cinema include Flash Gordon, a classic Sunday afternoon 'disco sci-fi' romp and the antidote to over-serious comic strip adaptations.
There's no doubt of the lasting cultural significance of Mike's work, his unique take on film-making, writing and directing and the wider world. And there's no greater example of that than Get Carter, arguably the best British crime film of all time.
 Get Carter screening, in conversation with Mike Hodges - 13 November 2013 at The 1 Gallery. Starts 6.30pm. Tickets £7.00,concessions £5.00. For info, contact: The 1 Gallery 07594 123526 or