Wednesday, 27 February 2013

PATTIE SLAPPERS - Publication Date

A month to go and we're just about there: a final draft ready to roll, a cover, and plans well underway for the exhibition and book launch on 28th March at Hull's Streetlife Museum. It's been a long haul with a few bumps along the way, but as always, the most important part of telling these kind of stories is to do right by the people who come forward and volunteer to share their memories. I think we've done that.
From the Victorian fish houses to the post-war developments in processed foods and eventual decline in the shadow of the fishing industry, fish house girls were a familiar sight in the city of Hull. Told in their own words, Pattie Slappers is a touching, funny and honest account of the lives of the people who worked in Hull’s food processing industry.
Using new research, archive material and detailed interviews, Pattie Slappers follows the fish from the docks in the hands of bobbers, barrow lads and fish merchants, to the filleters, line workers and packers in the fish houses and food factories. As each episode unfolds, a greater story emerges of a lost community, good times and old friends, and the daily hardships endured by generations of workers.  
The exhibition is open for public view from 29th April to 23rd June. Check Streelife Museum opening times for details. I'll post publication details of the book as soon as they're finalised. Meanwhile, check the Pattie Slappers facebook page.