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Ted Lewis & Get Carter

Lewis on the set of Get Carter in 1970

'GET CARTER' is 40.
Ted Lewis didn’t live long enough to witness his enduring influence as a writer of what can loosely be termed Brit-noir. His legacy for the most part is as the author of the novel Jack’s Return Home, the book that became Get Carter. The1971 screen version of Lewis’s novel, starring Michael Caine, rightly has its place in the British film canon, but the elements that make it work are all evident in Lewis’s book.
There were many sides to Ted Lewis. A gifted illustrator who won prizes at Barton Grammar School where he was tutored in English by poet, novelist, and critic, Henry Treece - an influential associate of Dylan Thomas. Lewis was also a jazz musician who played piano throughout his life, plying his trade in the smoky clubs of Kingston-upon-Hull and Leeds whilst a student at Hull College of Art. An obsessive film buff, Lewis would dearly…