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A Farewell to Dora Bryan

Something about Dora Bryan's appearance in a film was a guarantee of a particular kind of authenticity. Her performances in films like The Blue Lamp and A Taste of Honey  added colour and character in the days of black and white. In THE WOMEN THEY LEFT BEHIND (2009) we told the story of Rita, the wife of a Grimsby fisherman. An offer of a trip to London in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph in 1969 had given George and Rita their first chance of a weekend away.   'The lady over the road said she’d look after my kids and we went to London. It was the first time George and I had been away together without the kids and it was the first time I’d been to London. We went down on the train and stayed at the Green Park Hotel. I remember going to Petticoat Lane and walking around Piccadilly Circus on the Friday evening; I wanted to see the lights and the ladies of the night. On the Saturday we went to a show with Dora Bryan at the Prince of Wales Theatre. We went into this pub for a drink a…


With Syndicate Books taking on the re-publication of Ted Lewis's novels, beginning with the three Carter novels, there's a very good chance this overlooked British crime author will, at last, get some of the credit he deserves. As Syndicate's Paul Oliver says, Lewis's influence on popular culture is to the second half of the 20th century 'what Hammett and Chandler’s was to the first half.' The full text of Paul's piece is available on the SOHO PRESS WEBSITE.It's a great pen picture of Lewis's significance to crime writing. Get Carter is re-published in September, 2014. Click HERE for further information.